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We stock a huge selection of domestic and imported beer including non-alcoholic and micro brewery selections. If you've heard of it chances are we've got it!

At SPEC's we know wine. All of our wine specialists are intimately familiar with the special qualites of the wines we stock. And that is no small accomplishment since we stock more quality wines that any store we know of. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Port and Wines from over thirty countries and regions.

We also have a large selection of fine spirits, from napoleonic brandys to the finest cognacs available to anything else you can imagine!.

Many people don't realize this but our Smith Street location (Downtown) has a five thousand square foot deli and fine foods section. Specialty items abound, with caviar, specialty cheeses from around the world, fantastic selection of olive oils, custom blended coffees and many other hard to find items. Great sandwiches and salads and yes CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE!

Around the holidays people in Houston know that SPECS is a great place to get a fantastic gift basket filled with anything you could imagine. But any time of the year is a good time to browse our store for unique gift items, Reidell glassware and some items not found anywhere else in Houston!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: By law you must be at least 21 years of age or older to consume or purchase alcoholic beverages.