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FRANÇOIS LABET Brut, Crémant de Bourgogne, NV

A 12% Alcohol, 100% Pinot Noir (all grown in Burgundy methode champenoise sparkler aged over a year on the yeasts (think of it as a Blanc de Noirs Champagne at half the price), finished Brut. Bronze-tinted-straw in color, fully sparkling; dry(ish), medium-bodied with refreshing acidity. Richer, toasty style with clean mineral earth, good yeast notes and a fine mix of earthy red fruit essence and enough citrus to keep it balanced. Supple but lively feel. Quite satisfying. Opens up nicely in the glass. Big enough to serve with food. Great everyday bottle of bubbly at a value price. Spec’s Score: 90+.

Wilmot Farms Party Tray

Enjoy this great party tray made with wonderful summer sausage and real Wisconsin cheese. The cheddar comes from LaGrader’s Hillside Dairy, which has been owned and operated since 1960 and is now in its third generation of cheesemakers. The Swiss cheese comes from the Chalet Cheese Cooperative, which was founded in 1885 and continues to flourish as a cooperative, owned and operated by its sole suppliers of the milk. The milk has a unique blend of 75% Holstein and 25% Brown Swiss cow milk. Grab a few and some good beer and enjoy the football games with some friends! 16 oz.

Skinny Dip


1 part Deep Eddy Sweet Tea
1 part water
Squeeze of lemon


Add Deep Eddy Sweet Tea and water to a glass filled with ice.
Stir, add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy!
  • Aug. 13: 2410 Smith St.-Ethan Wayne, Duke Whiskey, Signing
  • Aug. 16: 2410 Smith St.-Spec's Fest Houston!
  • July 31: 4720 Bryant Irvin-Wines of the World
  • Aug. 9: 4720 Bryant Irvin-Ron White & Alex Reymundo Bottle Signing

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