ameriCAN Craft Beer Celebration

If it is an American craft beer and itís in a can, it is on sale at all Specís locations. Get up, get out and enjoy beer while you are at it. Specís has the largest selection of craft beer in cans than anyone in Texas!

Real Ale Firemanís #4
6PK 12oz CANS $5.99

Specís will also be featuring all Texas canned beers on sale during the month of July, such as Real Ale Firemanís #4. Great for the outdoors at an even better price.

6PK 12oz CANS $5.99

Duvel and Duvel Triple Hop
4PK 11.2oz Bottles $12.99

July is also Belgian Independence Month. What better way to honor one of the worldís great brewing nations than by offer this iconic Belgian beer at a great price. We were also able to get the Duvel Triple Hop included at this price: classic Belgian-style meets American hops.

4PK 11.2oz Bottles $12.99


Belgium has officially thrown down the gauntlet. Last Thursday following the USA vs. Germany match, Belgium Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo tweeted directly to President Obama. Hey BarackObama, I am betting some great Belgian beers that our BelRedDevils will make it to the quarter final! #ComeOnBelgium #BEL ó Elio Di Rupo (eliodirupo) June 26, 2014 And while we wonít know until tomorrow how these two soccer teams will match up, we...

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